Electronic signature solutions

Regulation for Public Sector. These regulations with the new emergence of Interoperability and Security National Scheme and European Regulation 910/2014 related to Trust and Confidence Servicer and Electronic I.D., opens interesting opportunities to digitize all procedures done on paper or physical support. However, it has incremented I.T. operational complexity and the necessity to arm them with legal security.

DPO&Itlaw offers counselling services to implement and develop electronic signature and contracting.


We offer technical advice in the use of advance electronic signature recognised for legal entities and electronic Signature certificate contact with certification authorities.

We advise the better possibility for the use of Electronic signature in the company to guarantee legal certainty for every process susceptible of scanning: labour contract signature, EPI handling, supplier contract signature, shipping notes signature…

We do report generation on legal compliance for electronic signature platforms, regarding its advance use; biometric signature, advance recognised signature, time keeping, reliable third parties, generation and custody of passwords and decryption.

We guarantee legal certainty in electronic contract done in the Web, through electronic signature, mobile phones, certified SMS, certified e-mails.

We advise on electronic signature platform implementation, combining the different possibilities of electronic signatures, done through electronic devices (tablets, Phablets, digital pens).

We collaborate with different I.T. providers such as: Smartaccesscorp.com, Lleida.net, Astrea.es, Logalty.com, Camerfirma.com, firmaprofesional.com y Validated ID


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