Ecommerce and information society services

Commercial activity and contracting requires more and more presence in the Net (corporate website, social networks, massive mailings, intranet …), as a way to reach more customers, while reducing contracting expenses.

Poor planning of online contracting process and client acquisition could pose a risk for customer’s business: Lack of customer identification and authentication, absence of electronic evidence in the eContracting process, lack of consent for the sending of electronic communications, non-compliance with regulations.

DPO&Itlaw relies on a professional team with experience in analysing specific legal needs on digital environment.

We offer counselling and defence to our clients against possible attacks or intellectual property breaches and the operation of webs. We collaborate with the Technologic Police Brigade to report and prosecute any criminal activity, as well as any online content removal that could undermine in any way the image of our client.


We counsel start-ups in development stage, analysing the necessary framework and capabilities to simplify regulatory compliance. We also advise on possible deploy actions, in order to improve commercial activities on internet, to gain legal certainty.

We facilitate technical training on secure online contracting, avoiding risk, either for the service provider as the third party, in order to safeguard a safe exchange ( electronic signature, communications encryption, etc.).

We analyse all legal and technical solutions to fulfil our customers projects, meeting general and particular legal requirements (LSSI, GDPR, LOPDGDD, COOKIES…).

We negotiate tailor made software contracts and facilities for startups (housing, hosting, cloud computing …).


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