We can achieve an easier management, using TICS, increasing cost savings and a rise in profits. But the use of these technologies is not risk free:

  • Contract certification.
  • Agreement content certification.
  • Identity of the contracting parties.
  • Time of the contract.
  • Employee authentication when a computer is in use.
  • Employee authentication in non-compliance with electronic media.

For litigation purposes, electronic evidence could lack legitimacy in court proceedings, due to manipulation simplicity, no evidence of their contract and occurrence.

DPO&Itlaw collaborates with the client through counselling on legal certainty, so evidence is unaltered and stored properly, guaranteed it can be presented in court and in turn allows to act in a safer way, generating trust and legal security in the company.


Through counselling, we implant actions to generate evidence that guarantees regulation compliance:

  • Confidentiality.
  • Authentication.
  • Integrity.
  • Non Repudiation.

We generate evidence to use in court, guaranteed it is unaltered and properly stored, so it cannot be manipulated.


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