Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing


In order to protect financial system and economic sectors, companies must establish and apply internal control measures to prevent money laundering and terrorist finance.

Our professional team in DPO&Itlaw possess the know-how to design, apply and evaluate AML/CFT prevention systems and delivering a broader range of counselling services in this field.

We adapt all short companies to comply with the current regulations involving all their tiers. We are also specialized in external audit and alignment for related companies with BITCOIN protocol and virtual currency.

We count with the First External Expert in Money Laundering Prevention, specialized in virtual currency and BITCOIN protocol, registered in SEPBLAC since 2010.

We will define your policies, proceedings and internal manuals, to comply with due diligence obligations.

Prevention systems audit, describing existing control measures associated to risk assessments, we value the rationality for its theoretical design, operational effectiveness and, where appropriate, we purpose potential improvements and corrections.

We design and impart seminars to instruct the staff to prevent and take action in suspicious transactions.

SEPBLAC inspection assistance.

We advocate administrative sanctioning proceedings.


Area Managers Meetings to collect information related to money laundering and terrorist finance policies and day to day ordinary operation.

Cutting cost by introducing intelligent solutions to minimize damage caused by modified process, to comply with regulations on everyday activities.

Suspicious transaction detection and analysis to be taken and counselling on methodology.

Creating Risk Assessments for specific characteristic of the activity, the sector to which it is addressed and the type, intensity and continuity of business relationships.

Defining specific risk operations for each sector and activity to be able to react in time.

Stabilising automated alerts on information system, reducing its volume and allowing us to anticipate any irreversible risk operation or proceeding.


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