The personal selection by the human resources department. The fulfillment of the data protection regulations.

The personal selection by the company’s human resources department entails the collection of different kinds of dates: identifying dates, academic and professional dates… so the automatic technologies of data processing may disclose the personal, psychological or socioeconomic applicant’s profile. Thus, in the human resources scope, there are important databases with a huge quantity of applicant’s […]


European Commision’s Recommendation in respect of RFID it applications

The European Commission has published a recommendation to use the IT applications supported by radio-frequency identification. The Commission was worried because of the data protection’s problems originated by this kind of identifying technology, whose use is more and more common. These problems may be increased if the necessary measures in order to control the way […]


Limits to the freedom of information in the utilization of hidden cameras. Sentence of the Supreme Court of 2009 January 16TH

The Supreme Court of Spain has condemned to two Medias because of the realization of audiovisual recordings which constituted the subject of a report of researching and its subsequent broadcasting. This report was deemed as privacy’s right infringement. The Tribunal must ponder the prevalence of the honour’s right or the freedom of information right; both […]


Penalty regulation of video camera’s using in labor environment

The Data Protection Spanish Agency (AEPD), and the employment tribunals have give legal certainty to the use of video surveillance systems, and particularly to check the fulfillment of the labor duties. In this article we are going to present the current video surveillance’s legal framework. The AEPD has carried out 365 proceedings during the 2.008 […]


More surveillance to video surveillance systems

According to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, the number of video surveillance systems registered in the General Register of Data Protection has been increased in 10.000 registries, from 5.000 to 15.000, during the last year. The huge increase in the camera’s number, the lack of regulation of this subject, and the technical difficulties to apply […]

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